Thursday, March 13, 2014

Terrifying Trespasser ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case: Terrifying Trespasser
This is the cheat sheet and tips on a game called: Another Case Solved by Chillingo.

Client: Hannah Gardner
Task: Who entered the old lady's house at night and rummaged through her things and stole her pet fish?

This is the beginning of the case:


You need to figure out how the intruder got inside.

Go to the room as shown on the pin (the patio area outside the bedroom) where it has 2 windows. Pick the window on the right hand side, there should be the dirt on it! See below for details:

The correct room/clue on how the intruder got inside

Just for fun: if you're curious where the dead fish is ...


The soil that you found is a unique soil and we need to figure out where the soil came from. The clues that I have are:
- Not on Water (obviously)
- Exactly 4 from Barbershop
- More than 2 from Cafe Shop

ANSWER (Thanks to Mike G):
it's the spot in the middle of the bottom row (not the water, the row above the water.) It has a reddish-brown house on it."
I don't know how to solve this map puzzle, I paid my gallant thief. Hopefully it will help you to correctly pointed out the location of the soil.

All I know is that it came from this:


Congratulations, you just solved the case!