Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sweet Solitude ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case: Sweet Solitude
Chapter: 2
This is the cheat sheet and tips on a game called: Another Case Solved by Chillingo.

Client: Lucy Gordon
Task: Help Lucy to find a wanted felon!

Note: Before you begin playing the case, I recommend that you have a paperclip (to slowly open a locked room ~ will use up 10 minutes of your searching time) or a universal key (to open a locked room ~ will take 5 minutes of your allotted time) in hand. You can purchase either of the item at the shop, under tools - Crime Scene.

How it starts:

The start of the case


Go near the bedroom and you should see a locked room closeby. Use your key/pin to open a locked room. Once inside, go to the 2nd dressing table from the right which shown a locked box. Inside the box is a fake moustache. Choose the fake moustache.


Find how does Battaglia look right now?

Battaglia-in-disguise has a moustache, black hair and glasses. Can you guess which is Battaglia from the 2 picture below?

Battaglia = John Doewsky

Battaglia has a boat near the dock and this is how it looks like to solve the case!

How the case ended:

The end of the case of Sweet Solitude
Congratulations, you just solved the case!

UPDATE: In case if you start the case with no key or pin to open locked door. There is one universal key in the long vertical room between bathroom and bedroom. Go to the ventilation unit, there should be 1 universal locked key that you can use.