Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clerkly Calamities ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case: Clerkly Calamities
This is the cheat sheet and tips on a game called: Another Case Solved by Chillingo.

Client: Sam Lowry
Task: Help rescue Sam's marriage

Find the wimpy crook that can help Sam's marriage!

Wimpy crook @ case Clerkly Calamities
The wimpy crook is Harry Hatter.

This is what happened if you guess it correctly!

Find where Harry Hatter is ..

Harry works at the Gas Station located in the green thumb. About 2 locations away from the water and the dock!

Here's how Harry Hatter can breaks into Sam's house ..

Go to the Dining Room - choose the 2nd window from the left - pick the broken glasses

Congratulations, you just solved the case!