Thursday, March 27, 2014

Acting Atrocious ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case: Acting Atrocious
Level: 2
This is the cheat sheet and tips on a game called: Another Case Solved by Chillingo.

Client: John Bravucci
Task: Help Bravucci to find out who's digging his past!

Find Bravucci's old high school!

The highschool is -- you got it right, the one with a high school graduation cap.
The one with the red rooftop yeah?

Your hints (the one that I know of): woman, tall, small nose
Answer: Jessica Kevor (Thanks to Z Okun)

If your answer is Jessica Kevor, then you got it!
Task: Find the medical file.

Thanks to Su Hyeon Kim and Z Okun, here is the solution:

"... the file is in the room right underneath the office, in the rightmost metal cabinet. check the middle file folder and you'll have it."

Congratulations, you just solved the case!