Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dangerous Donuts ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case Name: Dangerous Donuts
Level: 2
This is the cheat sheet and tips for playing Another Case Solved from Chillingo.

Client Name: Lucy Gordon
Task: Find out who's blackmailing Lucy!

How the case began:

The hints are:
- Man
- Orange hair
- With moustache

Kevin McGee is the guy that you're looking for
For those who are trying to solve it yourself and missing the hints, the hints are:
- not more than 2 from the Stadium
- exactly 3 from a Restaurant
- exactly 3 from a Golf Course
- not more than 1 from Post Office
- not on water
Did you see the green thumb?
You need to find out the blackmailer's ID.
Hint: Go to the Kitchen and select the window on the left. There should be a police ID, in between of binocular and photo.

Ta da ...
Congratulations, you just solve the case!