Thursday, March 13, 2014

Barber's Briefcase ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case: Barber's Briefcase
Level: Bonus Case
This is the cheat sheet and tips on a game called: Another Case Solved by Chillingo.

Client: Mario Delgadillo
Task: Find Mario's briefcase that was taken by Flora Delgadio.

Please note that this is a bonus case that you could find when solving "Disapearing Daughter" case!

This is how it starts:

Find how Flora Delgadio looks like!
Hint: Flora has a big nose, black hair and curly hair ...

This is the part that I wasn't able to solve. The hints are:

- Not more than 1 from the Train Station
- Not more than 1 from the Bus Station
- More than 2 from the Gas Station
- Somewhere on track

Correct answer is Platform 4
Update 3/4/2014: Thanks to Z Okun, he provided the answer/photos below:

Find where's the briefcase!

Obviously, I used my contact to solve the map problem :( but I'm happy to share the info of where is the briefcase!

Go to the 2nd compartment from the top and pick the first chair from the right. The briefcase was next to the lipstick!

Congratulations, you just solved the bonus case!