Monday, May 5, 2014

Friendly Faces ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case: Friendly Faces
Client: Martin Sugarstein
This is cheat sheet and tips on playing Another Case Solved, a game by Chillingo.

Task: Find out who's the missing member in an exclusive social club.

Note: You will get this case after you upgrade the game around May 2014.

How the case begun

Room/Crime Scene
Find out where is the keepsake!
Go to the Yard and open the trash bin, there should be an album. That's the item you need!

Martin Sugarstein???
Sugarstein is hiding in the following hints:
- more than 1 from Water
- not more than 1 from a train track
- more than 2 from a Factory
- more than 3 from a Theatre
- not more than 3 from a Coffee shop

Congratulations, you just solved the case!!!