Monday, April 14, 2014

Mysterious Mastermind ~ Another Case Solved ~ Chillingo

Case: Mysterious Mastermind
Level 3
This is a cheat sheet and tips on Another Game Solved, a game by Chillingo.

Note: Make sure you have some candies to burn in this case :( 4-5 of them?

How the case started

ROOM/Crime Scene
Update 19/4/2014 - you can find the jamming device at the picture below.

You will see 2 alarm in this case, per Michiel, the first alarm is after you've gone through the vault - pick the green one; and the second alarm will be where you see the red thumbs down - pick the red one.

The jamming device is inside the 2nd pigeon hall from the right, in a box. If you pick a wrong cable, you might have to use candies to extend the time.

Here also a tips from Michiel Hulsegge:

" ... however in the crime scene, it's 2nd room from the left, at the bottom (1 small room remains below it). 
Then it's the 2nd cabinet from the right, and the most right object.
As for the alarms, I only had the first one right, which for me was green.
Had to use candy to increase the time "

Is the jeweller involved in the heist? Do you remember who the jeweller is?
Answer: Duke Classon

Find out where is Chat Noir with the following hints:
- not more than 7 from a Bar
- not more than 8 from a Train Station
- not more than 8 from a Theatre
- more than 1 from a Studio
- more than 1 form a College
- more than 2 from a Hospital
- more than 2 from a Post Office (envelope logo)
- more than 2 from a golf course

Congratulations! You just finished the game. (seriously, well ... at least until Chillingo update the game)